Metabolism - Plein Publiek - Blue Gate

Metabolism - Plein Publiek - Blue Gate

Metabolism is located at the new Plein Publiek Blue Gate site in Antwerp.  


This site is dedicated to the development of the circular economy.  


This is why Metabolism has set up its Do Tank (as opposed to the thousands of Think Tanks that think but don't do anything concrete) dedicated to the development of local and circular solutions for turning urban waste into resources.  


Metabolism's current solutions can be found on the site:

  • Upcycle - A range 100% dedicated to the electro mechanical composting of bio-waste. Composters, shredders, voluntary drop-off points, electric trailers for soft collections, various containers.
  • CIRC - Biodigesters to produce bio gas and fertilizer from food waste. Local green energy production.
  • The "Tuuuut" our machine that will revolutionize the local and circular recovery of plastics by creating green energy. To be marketed in early 2023.
  • Shredding of glass packaging into glass sand. A local and circular solution to create glass sand that will replace sand in all its uses
  • Dynamo: the creation of solar energy in 3D, 360° and with an attractive design.


All those who have solutions and/or projects to valorise urban waste in a local and circular way, are welcome to tell us about their solutions/projects. We will help you in their development.